Los Altos High School

Hack Club

A club unlike any other.

Rather than simply teaching the basics of a language, which can be taught by anyone, we go a few steps further. We teach the in-depth concepts that will help throughout a computer science career, including the basics of the filesystem, troubleshooting, debugging, logic, and so much more. Some concepts that we cover include:

Frontend Web Design
Backend Web Design
Database Structuring
Realtime Querying
Command Line Tools
Automation Services
Source Management (Git)
Much More!

After students learn the basics of programming, we ask them what they want to build, and then guide them from the very first steps until the final ones. Each student goes at their own pace, regardless of their skill level. If the student is stuck and can't wait for the club meeting on Thursday, they can ask in our Slack community, where club staff and other knowledgeable mentors are online as much as possible, ready to answer questions.

Our final goal is for each student to create their own running business by the end of the year! With one-on-one guideance, we help the students grow as a programmer and a businessperson, together powerful.

Partners and Sponsors

Want to be a partner? Shoot us a message at us at [email protected]!